Logistics article

Presentations on logistics
1. Requirements for autologistics: world experience and Russian practice Downloads
2. Improved logistics systems production plant Downloads
3. The conceptual design of logistics facilities (warehouses) Downloads
4. The practice of effective regulation of trade logistics companies Downloads
Software Products Logistics
1. SCOR model of logistics management companies (the program * zip) Downloads
Analytical articles on logistics and management:

Company Management:

1. Process management, or learn how to manage a company horizontally?. Part 1: Diagnosis management system Read

2. Evaluating the effectiveness of management systems company based on functional analysis and value-process approach. Downloads

3. Description and optimization of business processes. electronic version of the book. Downloads

Designing logistics

1. Designing logistic system of industrial enterprises (Part 1). Downloads

2. Designing logistic system of industrial enterprises (Part 2). Downloads

3. Designing logistic system of industrial enterprises (Part 3). Downloads

4. Designing logistic system of industrial enterprises (Part 4). Downloads

Logistics audit and improvement of logistics enterprises

1. Logistics enterprises audit bakery industry - Downloads

2. The regulation of trade logistics and manufacturing enterprises - Downloads

3. Improved logistics trading companies - the practice of effective regulation - Downloads

4. Preparations for the logistics system design machine-building enterprise: audit logistics - Downloads

5. The scheme of reinginiring logistics system on enterprise - Downloads

6. Optimizing warehouse logistics auto Russian companies Downloads

7. Investments in logistics: diagnostics, strategy, regulation, identification, infrastructure, software Downloads

Logistical concepts

1. Bubnov S.A. Club logistics, 2005 How to manage the interaction of logistics systems? Downloads

2. Bubnov S.A. Club logistics, 2005 The concept of chain management requirements: partnership inevitable? Downloads

3. Bubnov S.A. Club logistics, 2005 Methodology design logistics systems of industrial enterprises based on the concept of RCM (requirements chain management) Downloads


1. The practice of holding talks with foreign equipment suppliers in upgrading production Downloads

Demonstration materials
  • Example content of the Audit Report Downloads
  • Example content of the report on the formalization of the company strategy Downloads
  • Example programme implementation strategy Downloads
  • Example card business processes Downloads
  • Example list of regulations Downloads
  • An example of a balanced scorecard system list BSC/KPI Downloads
  • Example Rules perform business process Downloads
  • Example motivation system, based on the KPI Downloads
  • Example assessment sheet personnel Downloads
  • An example of the arrangement document company Downloads
Presentation of the consulting company Bestlog (Downloads)
Articles on Technology and Innovation

Introduction to TRIZ. Basic concepts and approaches.
Version 3.0. Downloads
Electronic Book. The official publication of the Foundation HS Altshuller.

  • 15355        Installation for dismantling the roof of the building slabs overlaps
  • 19859        Installation for dismantling plates overlap aeratsionnyh lamps industrial buildings
  • 17495        The platform for carrying slabs
  • 18162        The platform for carrying rolls of steel band
  • 23396        Electrostatic promaslivayuschaya machine

Utility Models
  • 2099264   Unloading trolley conveyor belt
  • 2237527   The aids cleaning the inner surface of the roller vodoohlazhdaemogo carbonate deposits
  • 2183220   Compensator blast of hot air
  • 2229955   A device to protect the spray of metal with continuous casting steel
  • 2083680   Air blast furnace
  • 1516129   Device for jumping into the water
  • 1747114   Water attraction
  • 1687053   Installation for liquid processing korneklubneplodov
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