Logistics advice
Organizational advice
Production advice
Technical and technological advice
Audit of management system
Strategy and tactics
Balanced Scorecard System
Document circulation
Management reporting
Logistics audit
Regulation of logistics
Strategic analysis
of logistics system
Procurement (supply) Logistics
Inventory management system
Production Logistics
Warehousing Logistics
Transport Logistics
Supply Chain Management
Improvements of
logistics business processes

Improvements of logistics costs
Diagnostics of production system
Development of production reconstruction project
Projection design changes
Examination of contracts
Start-up operations
Industrial exploitation
Obtaining a patent
Afterconsulting support
Market research
Developing a concept for product development
Designing unique consumer properties
Develop documentation
Preparation of the test sample
Conducting tests
Product refinement
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Afterconsulting support
Obtaining a patent
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Optimization of operating costs and increase efficiency