1. Management consulting (organizational consulting)
  • Diagnosis of organizational development company
  • Formalization of strategy and tactics of the company for 5 years.
  • The design process control system: processing organizational structure, distribution of responsibility, map business processes, rules of the work, balanced system of indicators BSC / KPI, the system of motivation and evaluation sheets personnel, scheme documents and forms management reporting
  • Control Project improve the management company
  • Afterconsulting support: from annual audits, to participate in a specific institutional reform process

2. Advise on Development of logistics company
  • Logistics auditing company as a whole, or individual logistics subsystems (procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, service clients)
  • Designing the institutional development of logistics companies: similar p.1.3
  • Designing functional development: automation system, inventory management, increase efficiency of production, warehouse automation, automation management systems of delivery, supply chain optimization
  • Control Project reduce logistics costs
  • Afterconsulting support: from annual audits to participate in specific logistics process reengineering

3. Advise on modernization, reconstruction and technical re-equipment production
  • Diagnostics the development level of production
  • Development of technical and economic reconstruction project (modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production)
  • Projection design changes:
  • design changes (new) production technology
  • production design, shops, placement and layout of production equipment
  • preparation of the technical part of contracts for modernization of equipment
  • Participation in negotiations with foreign companies to supply equipment and assembly production line
  • Participation in the startup operations, the timely solution of all issues
  • Participation in the startup of production equipment in commercial operation
  • Ensuring access to production targets
  • Preparation of documents and obtaining patents on technical and technological solutions to the economic effect
  • Afterconsulting support: from annual audits to participate in the further development of production

4. Advice to develop analogs (innovation) products
  • Market research: finding information on products analogues, the study of supply and demand
  • Buying analogues
  • Search unique advantages
  • Development of the concept of product development for 5-10 years
  • Designing unique consumer properties
  • The development of design documentation
  • The development of technological documentation
  • Preparation of the test sample
  • Conducting tests
  • Iterative refinement activities to produce
  • Getting the original version of the product with the required consumer properties
  • Preparation of documents and obtaining a patent for the product (utility model)
  • Poslekonsultatsionnaya support: from participating in the preparatory process prior to commissioning a new product manufacturing adjustment
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