Afterconsulting support the innovations
Control Project improve the management company
Control Project reduce logistics costs
Afterconsulting support production
Control Project improve enterprise management system - involves the direct participation of consultants in the process of changing management systems.

Results of support improvement project management companies:
1. A more rapid and less costly improvements introduction of management systems;
2. Guaranteed transformation management system (reducing the risk of disruption introduction);
3. Education staff in the process of change management system;
4. Exit at the planned economic value and resource indicators.
Control Project reduce logistics costs - involves the participation of consultants in the process of optimizing logistics company.

Results of tracking project reduce logistics costs:
1. A more rapid and effective delivery of logistics improvements;
2. More quality and timely change the course of the project to ensure the achievement of the goals;
3. Guaranteed transformation of the logistics system;
4. Education staff management techniques, and how the situation in the new environment.
Afterconsulting support the production - involves the participation of consultants in the annual audits of production, and, if necessary, participate in the adjustment and further development of production.

Results of afterconsulting support production:
1. Faster and qualitative input of equipment in commercial operation;
2. Optimizing the project on the modernization of production (technical re-equipment) at the stage of industrial production, in the event of a serious and unpredictable refusal knots equipment or reduce the level of product quality;
3. Corrective actions and warning to improve the efficiency of the production process.
Afterconsulting support innovation - involves the participation of consultants in the preparation processes of production to industrial production of a new product.

Results of afterconsulting in innovations:
1. The decision of the technical, manufacturing and other tasks in the process of producing innovative products;
2. Corrective and warning activities to increase production efficiency.
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