Regulation of logistics - the identification, analysis and synthesis of logistics operations in the company on certain forms (regulations).
Result consulting - Reducing the time have key logistics processes, increase productivity and reduction of logistics personnel.

Procurement (supply) logistics - manages the efficiency of material and information flow from suppliers before the consumer (the manufacturer or commercial enterprise).
Result consulting - Cut costs for the purchase of goods, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of procurement.

The production logistics - manages the efficiency of material and information flow from the date of receipt of goods in the warehouse supplies and finishing products at the warehouse shipment of finished products.
Result consulting - Improving the rhythm of production, minimizing downtime of equipment, technology, personnel.

Warehousing Logistics - to search for ways to optimize warehouse space and storage technologies for receiving, storing, and a complete set of extradition goods client.
Result consulting - Reducing losses goods, more efficient utilization of space, increasing productivity and accuracy of warehouse operations, and reductions in the warehouse staff.

Transport logistics - manages the efficiency of material and information flow in 2 areas: external and internal transport goods and finished products.
Result consulting - Minimizing downtime transportation, reducing the cost of oil, automation planning and tracking flights.

Supply chain management - manages the efficiency of material and information flow from subpostavschka supplier to the customer consumer.
Result consulting - Increased reliability and capacity of the logistics chain.
Development of technology management - designing interaction with the internal environment of the external environment to produce value-added.
Result of consulting - Increased profitability of the company.

Development of management system - a formalization of management decisions, through the design of business processes and detailed regulation (standardizing) of the enterprise.
Result of consulting - Reduction of the time managerial and operational processes.

Developing a system of balanced performance (BSC / KPI) - to identify, anchor, integration and verification purposes of performance indicators
Result of consulting - Improving the strategic, medium and operational results of the company.

Developing a system of motivation on the result - the formation of tangible and intangible interest in the objectives of the company on the one hand and obtain the necessary personnel benefits, on the other.
Result of consulting - Optimizing the number of personnel, higher incentive and motivation of staff.
Production design design changes:

- Design changes (new) production technologies;
- Designing industrial sites, workshops, placement and layout of production equipment;
- Preparing the technical part of contracts for modernization of equipment;

Result of consulting

Reducing the cost of equipment at the stage of modernization of production.
Designing the unique properties of consumer products - is a combination of different options for search properties of consumer goods, ergonomic, design and machinery.
Result of consulting - a sketch product.

The development of design and technological documentation - a process documentary ensure product design and production technology.
Result of consulting - documentation for product design, engineering and technological documentation for the manufacturing process.

Preparation of a prototype - the process of getting the first batch (products), has all given characteristics.
Result of consulting - the test sample.
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