Strategic analysis of logistics
Develop strategies and tactics development programs
Development of production (technical) solutions
Development of the concept of product development for 5-10 years
Develop strategies and tactics development of the enterprise - this is the procedure for research, identify and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company, with a view to remedial and preventive activities as opportunities to achieve, and clarity of action in the event of a threat.

The results of the strategy and tactics of the company:
1. Report to achieve medium-term and strategic objectives;
2. Report on implementation of the programme of strategic activities for the previous period;
3. Order on strategic, medium-and monthly goals firms and offices;
4. Plan for the implementation of strategic activities for the next year;
5. Quick goals, the strategic map of the Counting indicators;
6. Raising the achievement of the goals of the company.

Strategic analysis of logistics - represents an analytical account to achieve the strategic objectives of the company in the field of logistics.

Results of strategic analysis of logistics:
1. Report on the implementation of the programme of work of improving logistics for the period;
2. Report on changing business model logistics company;
3. SWOT-analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the field of logistics for the company;
4. Strategic targets and indicators logistics;
5. The programme of work and budget to achieve the strategic objectives of logistics;
6. Order on strategic development of logistics: event, period, responsible, singer;
7. Understanding and implementation of staff development goals and targets logistics.
Development of production (technical) solutions - is a process of analysis and synthesis of changes in production management system designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the production system.

Results of production (technical) decisions:
1. Options for technical, technological, resources, organizational and information rasshivki bottlenecks production, according to the technical task;
2. The approved version of the conceptual development of production for 5 years;
3. Technical feasibility option development of production.
Developing a concept for product development - is a complex procedure for generating options consumer product properties in the future, using TRIZ.

Results of the concept of product development:
1. Authorized technical task to design a product with restrictions;
2. Options for product development for a period of 5 to 10 years, with justification;
3. Expert appraisal and selection of the most probable development product for 5 years;
4. Report on alleged variant product development and possible combinations of properties consumer product.
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