The cost of preliminary meetings in Moscow, Vladimir, Lipetsk - free of charge, for other cities - negotiated.

Hourly and daily rates:
Individual counselling - the value of 100 euro per hour.
Advising the client, with the departure of its territory - 300 euro per day, without taking into account the cost of living.
Term advice:
-- From 2 to 8 hours - for hourly tariff.
-- From 1 to 3 days - for daily fare.

The project with a fixed charge:
The fee for advisory services of this type it is impossible to pinpoint without a coherent with our technical specifications for design work. Therefore suggest that you hold a free introductory meeting at a convenient location to you.

Advance fee
1. This preliminary partial payment of consultancy fees before the start of work under the contract;
2. This annual amount advanced standing client, who wants the consultant was "at hand" at any time he desired.
The cost of an annual customer service, is determined individually.

The fee, depending on the results*
This fee received from the calculation** certain percentage of money that the client was to receive as a result of efforts by the consultant (based on increasing revenues and increasing gross).

* Distributed to separate advisory services (for example, the introduction of a system of inventory management, optimization of trading stocks)
** Calculation formula is set, depending on the task, for example, 30% of the amount, which saves the client at the level of stocks goods in value terms for the first year and 20% of the money, which saves the client within two years.

a variant of different options remuneration consultant.
Professional assistance - next!
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